The relationship between human psychology and Bitcoin is a curious one. The more I watch how people arrive at Bitcoin, the more I notice a parallel between their experience and my own amid a much broader general trend. Conversely, these similarities act as entry barriers to individuals I failed to onboard and public antagonists alike. While everyone’s adventure varies, a consistent theme of stages unravel that look like disbelief, followed by discovery, then conviction, and lastly understanding.

At the entry phase of disbelief, individuals often challenge Bitcoin’s authenticity. Insults and mockery may accompany them, but if they are open-minded, they’re…

The Preeminent Productivity Platform

What you can expect from this article.

  • What is Notion?
  • Notion vs Traditional Systems?
  • How I Notion
  • How to get Notion
  • Additional Resources

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” — Anonymous

What is Notion?

Notion is an All-In-One workspace. Notion’s platform allows you to create task oriented lists and projects, wikis, databases, lightweight CRM’s, tables, code repositories and almost anything else you cream dream up, imbed, or connect. How Notion is actually used is a much broader question because the possibilities are endless. Rather you are a student looking to organize and record everything related to…

Nicholas A. Beaird

Productivity, Finance, HR, Business, Technology.

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